Obersteffengut | Wagrain



Welcome to Demohotel

Welcome to Haus Obersteffengut!

The Obersteffengut house is in a wonderfully quiet spot with a great view of the surrounding mountains and Wagrain. Your apartment is on the second floor and is very spacious. The interior is modern and very well maintained. You can buy milk in winter on the farm next to the holiday home. In summer there is a large trampoline and a grill can also be borrowed. In winter you can also go skiing (in the fantastic Alpendorf / Wagrain / Flachau ski area).

With the free Salzburger Sportweltcard you get free entry to the Wagrain water world, which is approx. 6.6 km from the apartment. In bad weather you can go swimming for 3 hours as well as in winter. With the Salzburger Sportweltcard you get additional discounts on many museums, the Grafenbergbahn, etc.

Rote 8er valley station: 5.8 km
Grafenbergbahn valley station: 6.3 km
Flying Mozart valley station: 7.3 km
Wagrain water world: 6.6 km
Wagrainer Alm (Arzkendl): 2.7 km

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